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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Your spirit animal falls under “miscellaneous!”

Take a look at these descriptions below and see if any of them fit you:

My cleverness is my strongest asset. However, many people have also called me “cute” or “handsome.” I’m an old soul with a lot of wisdom, yet a youthful appearance with a childish glow. I can play mind games and have people wrapped around my finger. I’m a big trickster. Most of the time I like to mess around just for fun, but if I have to, I’ll manipulate those who deserve it.

I’m a complex person with a wide range of emotions, varying from ecstatic to depressed. I can even get really aggressive at times. Generally, I just want to have fun and be silly. I’m very social and prefer joking around over smalltalk. I’m also flexible with the ability to adapt to change easily. Also, I am incredibly smart.

I am extremely compassionate and empathetic. To me, life is like a magical fairy garden. I plant good seeds in my head and nurture them well. I choose to see the good in everything. Some say I am a bit naive and sheltered. However, I’m not as innocent as I look. I tend to stare a lot — I can’t help it!

I have a stellar memory. I have a kind heart: I like to take care of others and would never hurt a fly. I find it so heartbreaking when people are hurtful to one another. I have thick skin and forgive easily, but I keep my guard up. People say they feel lighter around me because I have good vibes. I enjoy sharing my wisdom and giving advice.

Ready? Answer key below!


  • RED = FOX

CLICK HERE to look at the description of your results!

What if NONE of these paragraphs feel accurate to me?

It’s possible that you do not feel connected to any of the spirit animals I have described. There are SO MANY animals out there! Many, many that I left off this list! I encourage you to go do some research and look up other animals you may feel a stronger connection with!

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