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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Your spirit animal is rodent!

Now, let’s find out exactly what type of rodent your spirit animal is. Read the following statements below and take note of which ones apply:

  1. What’s your attitude?
  • (A) I’m quiet and soft-spoken; but if you mess with me, I’ll get sassy!
  • (B) I’m very friendly and open; always curious for more.
  • (C) I’m very sweet and kind, just a little shy at first.
  • (D) For the most part I’m an angel, but it’s my way or the high way.
  • (E) I think everyone and everything is weird, and that’s awesome!

2. How do you treat others?

  • (A) I try to be a good person and generally stay out of people’s way.
  • (B) I like to make people feel good and appreciated.
  • (C) I’m always polite, and feel more comfortable with someone the more we get to know each other.
  • (D) I like to tease others and have fun.
  • (E) I like to tell jokes and make people laugh.

3. What makes you wild?

  • (A) I’m very active and can’t sit still for too long.
  • (B) I take risks and put myself out there.
  • (C) I have a very silly nature.
  • (D) I go after what I want.
  • (E) I do everything unconventionally.

4. How do you make it through hardship?

  • (A) I tend to run away from conflict; but if I get cornered, I will defend myself.
  • (B) I either lean on support of friends or I focus on what makes me happy.
  • (C) I let it out: by crying or venting to others.
  • (D) I internalize my pain and hide from the world.
  • (E) I find ways to make humor out of the pain.

5. What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?

  • (A) I get easily overwhelmed; I feel so small.
  • (B) I procrastinate.
  • (C) I put others before me.
  • (D) I’m too stubborn.
  • (E) I goof off and get distracted easily.

6. What makes you beautiful?

  • (A) My vulnerability.
  • (B) My warm energy.
  • (C) My selfless nature.
  • (D) My bubbly persona.
  • (E) My eccentric and unique perception.

7. What’s something that people don’t realize about you?

  • (A) I’m very strong and powerful, even though I don’t look it. People think I’m easy to take advantage of but that’s not true.
  • (B) People think I’m strange and offbeat, but they don’t realize that I have a heart of gold. I’m cuter as you get to know me.
  • (C) I’m so easygoing that some people can’t see how I have a mind of my own.
  • (D) I’m always so cheerful that people cannot see when I’m hurting on the inside, or feeling down.
  • (E) People don’t realize how smart I am. They assume I’m foolish because I’m always messing around.

Ready? Answer key below!



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