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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Your spirit animal is aquatic life!

Now, let’s find out exactly what type of aquatic life your spirit animal is. Read the following statements below and take note of which ones apply:

  1. How do you keep your calm?
  • (A) I keep things light and playful, act silly.
  • (B) I take medication.
  • (C) I let it all out.
  • (D) I play tricks on people for fun.
  • (E) I go with the flow.

2. What makes you feel good?

  • (A) Giggling with someone.
  • (B) Expressing power over others.
  • (C) Being heard, felt, and seen.
  • (D) Doing something outrageous.
  • (E) Being surrounded by like-minded people.

3. How do you connect with others?

  • (A) By being humorous and telling jokes.
  • (B) Through business deals.
  • (C) By demanding their attention, making them notice me.
  • (D) By pulling pranks on them.
  • (E) By finding similarities/a common ground.

4. What are the dark side of your emotions?

  • (A) I feel that people underestimate me: they think I’m ditzy and don’t understand how much effort I put into keeping everyone happy.
  • (B) Sometimes I have no mercy when it comes to getting what I want; I have used people for my own benefit.
  • (C) People can get overwhelmed by my grand presence; sometimes I feel obligated to downplay my personality because it’s too much.
  • (D) My lack of seriousness can get me into trouble; people tend to underestimate my emotional maturity.
  • (E) I struggle with sticking up for myself because I try so hard to keep the peace.

5. What is your main focus?

  • (A) Making new friends.
  • (B) Climbing the latter.
  • (C) Expressing myself.
  • (D) Letting go of control.
  • (E) Being happy.

6. How do you feel the flow of life?

  • (A) I keep my vibrations high/positive by constantly inviting joy and laughter into my life, inviting others to join in on the silliness. If someone around me is feeling down, it affects my energy.
  • (B) I go after what I want by working with the flow: remaining patient when the timing is off, and going for it when opportunity presents itself.
  • (C) I show up for life one hundred-percent! I live life to the fullest, always giving everything my all.
  • (D) I like to play with life and see everything as a game. Anyone who is offended by that is not feeling the flow.
  • (E) I remain humble, understanding that life has better plans for me than I could ever plan for myself.

7. Which genre of music do you most relate to?

  • (A) Pop: positive, cheers people up, easy to love.
  • (B) Rock: dark and intense.
  • (C) Classical or ambient: timeless.
  • (D) Alternative: Enjoyable but different.
  • (E) Folk: calming and chill.

Ready? Answer key below!



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