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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Your spirit animal is insect!

Now, let’s find out exactly what type of insect your spirit animal is. Read the following statements below and take note of which ones apply:

  1. How do you socialize?
  • (A) I get along with everyone but prefer being alone.
  • (B) I enjoy talking to people often.
  • (C) I like a balance between social-time and me-time.
  • (D) I keep to myself.
  • (E) I like being part of a team.

2. What is your work ethic?

  • (A) Less is more.
  • (B) Work hard, play hard!
  • (C) I prefer inner, spiritual work over physical labor.
  • (D) I put my heart into my personal projects.
  • (E) I’m an extremely hard worker; I feel responsible to be of service.

3. Do you have more feminine or masculine energy?

  • (A) A perfect balance.
  • (B) More feminine, but mainly equal.
  • (C) Feminine.
  • (D) Fatally feminine.
  • (E) Masculine.

4. What is your personal philosophy?

  • (A) I believe the world needs to slow down and we must all take a good look at ourselves: reassess, reevaluate, and rejuvenate. We all have an inner voice that we must listen to if we can quiet down and let go.
  • (B) I believe in personal transformation, spreading your wings, and reaching new heights. I am curious about the world; I love exploring and meeting new people.
  • (C) I believe that feeling grateful for what you already have will bring you more gifts.
  • (D) I believe in independence and going after what I want without anyone standing in my way.
  • (E) I believe that we all play little parts in the grand scheme of things; when we put our heads together, we can accomplish amazing things.

5. How do you enjoy yourself?

  • (A) Solitude, meditation, and tea.
  • (B) Traveling and trying new things.
  • (C) Expressing my truth.
  • (D) Working on my passion.
  • (E) Helping others.

6. What brings you empowerment?

  • (A) Mastering my own thoughts.
  • (B) Getting out of my comfort zone.
  • (C) Feeling vulnerable.
  • (D) Achieving my goals all by myself.
  • (E) Knowing my hard work made a positive difference in someone’s life.

7. What is your gift?

  • (A) Cleverness.
  • (B) Harmony.
  • (C) I’m lucky.
  • (D) Psychic ability.
  • (E) Physical strength.

Ready? Answer key below!



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