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QUIZ ~ What’s my spirit animal?

Your spirit animal is dog!

Now, let’s find out exactly what type of dog your spirit animal is. First we need to find out if you are dog or wolf. Read the following statements below and take note of which ones apply:

  • I am outgoing, but still consider myself quite introverted.
  • I’m a people-pleaser who likes to make everyone happy.
  • I have a fondness for the moon.
  • I love having ZERO responsibility!
  • I’m a serious person, but can be very playful when the time is right.
  • I trust others almost too easily.
  • Some people describe me as cold on the surface.
  • When I do wrong, I play innocent.
  • I never, ever back down from a battle.
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Ready? Answer key below!

Bold: You are wolf!

Italics: You are dog. Keep scrolling to find out which breed…

Bold & italics: You have equal wolf/dog energy, which means you are a balanced person with heavy canine energy. Keep scrolling to find out which breed…

  1. What excites you?
  • (A) Challenging myself in simple ways.
  • (B) Having open space to express myself and run/walk around.
  • (C) Getting what I want without asking for it.
  • (D) When someone cares more about what’s on the inside.
  • (E) Being spoiled rotten.

2. How do you show up in life?

  • (A) Humble and ready to learn.
  • (B) Overly excited and intensely passionate.
  • (C) Hopeful, but ready to defend myself with an attitude.
  • (D) Strong and selfless.
  • (E) Feeling fierce (but a little nervous.)

3. What’s your idea of fun?

  • (A) Simple & basic: I am easily pleased and content with just about anything!
  • (B) Being out in nature, playing sports with my friends.
  • (C) Challenging myself!
  • (D) Expressing myself, being loud, and going crazy around people I trust.
  • (E) Listening to people telling me they love me

4. What do you set of goals look like?

  • (A) I have a lot of small, practical goals that I’m focused on.
  • (B) I have a lot of big dreams, which may or may not come true — I’ll be happy either way!
  • (C) Overall, I want to prove my strength and let others see how tough I am.
  • (D) I don’t have specific goals, basically I just wanna be loved and happy.
  • (E) I’m chasing after wealth and material luxuries.

5. How do you deal with sad feelings?

  • (A) I tend to handle it well; I’m not one to act out.
  • (B) I quickly bounce back because I can always find a silver lining.
  • (C) I get sassy and toughen up.
  • (D) I get a little out of control — sometimes aggressive and others times weepy.
  • (E) I get very angry!

6. What is your general relationship with others?

  • (A) I’m easygoing and make friends effortlessly.
  • (B) I love everyone — I really, really, really love my friends!
  • (C) I love attention but I won’t beg for it.
  • (D) People think I’m tough at first but eventually learn I’m a mush.
  • (E) I want to be adored by all but have trust issues.

7. Which sport best describes you?

  • (A) Football: An American favorite, a classic, loved by many.
  • (B) Soccer: Always on the move; straight-forward.
  • (C) Basketball: Shoot for the stars.
  • (D) Wrestling: Intense, physical, and demanding.
  • (E) Figure skating: beautiful and graceful, yet dangerous.

Ready? Answer key below!



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