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Happy new year!!!

2019 was my best year so far for this blog! Let’s see how I did statistically.

***Users who have their cookies turned off, or who view my posts on WordPress reader, are NOT included in these stats!***

In 2019,

  • Blog received 5,396 total views.
    • 2,732 of the views were from the USA.
    • 676 from India
    • 398 from the UK
    • 212 from Canada
    • As well as 90 other countries.
  • I made 219 posts.
  • I wrote 77,123 words.
  • I received 1,621 likes.
  • I received 158 comments.

In 2018,

  • Blog received 986 total views.
  • I made 77 posts.
  • I wrote 11,184 words.
  • I received 200 likes.
  • I received 21 comments.

In 2017,

  • Blog received 804 total views.
  • I made 54 posts.
  • I wrote 17,727 words.
  • I received 76 likes.
  • I received 23 comments.
Views in 2019.

In total,

  • All-time views: 7,357.
  • I have 259 WordPress and email followers.
  • The homepage has 2,673 views.
  • My top viewed post is Top 25 Darkest & Saddest Lana Del Rey songs with 866 views!!!
    • My next top viewed is my About me page which drops way down to 123 views!
    • This is followed by my memorial tribute to Gram with 67.
  • My most popular day and hour is Tuesday (18% of views) at 2 AM (7% of my views.)
  • My most viewed tags are “music” and “list” which have both been viewed 124 times.
  • The day for my best views ever is October 15, 2019.
  • Best months for views: October 2019 with 1.4k followed by December 2019 with 1.3k.
  • My blog has been discovered through WordPress reader 2,040 times.
  • My blog has been discovered through search engines 1,046 times.
    • Through Google, 987 times.
    • Top 25 LDR dark/sad songs post gets most traffic from Google.
All-time views.


Top viewed posts:

Top liked posts:

In summary — 2019 was a year that this blog skyrocketed for views, likes, and comments — emphasizing on the latter. About half of my views come from the USA, while the other half comes from 93 other countries — mainly India, the UK, and Canada. If I stay on track, I should reach well over 10,000 views before 2021 and possibly up to 20,000 if I’m lucky. As for followers, a reasonable goal would be to reach 500 by 2021.

In 2019, I wrote a Top 25 LDR post that went viral by skyrocketing past my average amount of post views — it gets viewed practically every day and should continue growing views through 2020, most certainly should surpass 1,000 views, and possibly closer to 2,000 by 2021.

My top viewed posts are a balanced mix of subjects: a ranking of dark/sad Lana Del Rey songs, my “about me” page, my memorial tribute to my grandma, a music festival review, an investigation on black cats, part of my 30-day challenge, along with four poems. My top liked posts are ALL poems (with the exception of “The Black Cat.”) Poems are much shorter and quicker to read compared to my other posts, which may explain their popularity.

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Wow, that was a lot! If you made it this far — thank you! I just ask one more favor of you. Since you know how much I love stats, give me more information to work with. Please take this final poll! This is for YOU — the reader because you are so amazing for the support!

Thanks again for learning about my blog! Hope you enjoyed my stats. You may have noticed I recently changed my blog theme. I’m still not sure if I’m going to stick with it or not. I like it but there’s a few things I’m iffy about. So we’ll see. Anyway, may 2020 be an awesome year for you full of growth and abundance!


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